Goals and objectives of Direction Executive Search

Direction aims at proposing a shortlist of candidates actually “aligned” with the real needs of the customer company. This goal can be achieved by Direction thanks to:

  • the ability to confront ourselves with the company, with reference to both the professional and motivational profile of each person and to the working and organizational environment in which the candidate shall operate. Listening and exchanging ideas are the result of our direct experience within companies, organisation and management consultancy, and 25 years’ activity in the field of Direct Search and Executive Search;
  • the ability to identify professionals “corresponding” to the specific organization requirements, being able both to assess them in terms of technical and professional skills and to align with the internal organizational needs (relevance and importance of the role, propensity for change);
  • the availability of our database, which is often decisive (compared to the traditional online tools) to identify the right candidates;
  • our direct knowledge of various sectors and industries, which can provide useful information, contacts and references;
  • the ability to provide targeted and timely answers, even for the most “difficult or complex” roles, both in the domestic and in the foreign markets.

The benefits offered by Direction

Direction offers companies a series of remarkable advantages:

  • a high level of professional seniority, necessary for all the business levels;
  • deep roots in the territory (companies, candidates, remuneration levels, financial trend of several companies);
  • direct knowledge of processes and technologies, also as specialists, a condition necessary to assess the “depth” of the experiences and competences of the candidates;
  • proficiency in technical and managerial skills directly resulting from our activity within companies;
  • the availability and use of appropriate behaviour assessment tools (Extended DISC and BTSA.)

Our aim at proposing successful professionals (Top Managers and Specific Profiles) whose value can be identified through the contextualization of the activities, the specific goals, the contents of the actions, the results of each professional/manager, always focusing on the companies and their business.

What is the value of certain behavioural attitudes, even successful on the individual level, without a proper connection with experiences and results?

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