Direction, the competitive advantages.

Direction, operating since 1989 in the Executive and Direct Search field of high-level professionals and managers, is the ideal partner for the development and renovation of large and medium-sized companies.

  • We can boast over 25 years’ activity in the field of Executive Search, Direct Search and Management Consultancy, mainly focusing on the manufacturing industries, with advanced or auxiliary services;
  • Over 950 professional have been integrated – with managerial and business tasks – in the manufacturing companies of Emilia Romagna, in northern Italy and at foreign branches.
  • Our database includes more than 120,000 professionals with a medium-high and high profile.

A Targeted Task.

The activity in the field of the Executive Search has focused on professionals with an extensive and detailed professional profile, requiring, within an active exchange of ideas, skills and experiences centred on both the direct experience at the companies, and a willingness to face the various management structures:

  • with the ability to face every organization and management issue, both in the merits and in the contents,
  • with the ability to exchange ideas about the evolutionary dynamics of the “roles-skills-products-markets” network.


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Our Customers

 Companies Industries / Products Roles / Professionals integrated
Multinational Companies Plants Oil & Gas
Industrial cooling system,
Heat exchange systems
Mechanical engineering and electronics
Technical Managers (Mechanical, Electronic Engineers) Factory and Operations Managers;
Finance Officers;
Logistics-Sales Managers Business Managers;
Export Managers;
Marketing Managers;
Projects Managers;
Proposal Managers
Medium-large companies with multiple foreign branches/factories Basic chemical industry
Electromedical Plastics,
PVC moulding
Electromechanical equipment
Technical Managers;
Operations Managers;
Finance Officers;
Resident Managers, Sales Managers, Maintenance Managers;
Marketing Managers;
Export Managers;
Account Managers;
Projects Managers
Medium-large companies with multiple branches/factories in Italy Food & Beverage
Equipment for repair shops,
National and international transport services,
Logistics Construction
Personal care and household products
Managing Directors;
Technical Managers;
Operations Managers;
Finance Officers;
Resident Managers;
Sales Managers;
Marketing Managers;
Account Managers;
Project Managers;
Maintenance Managers;
I.S. Managers;
Production Managers, Commission Managers;
Branch Managers.
Medium-small companies Automotive (Mechanical engineering and electronics)
Alternative energies (photovoltaic modules, cogeneration, solar energy, biogas)
Electronics (components, RFID systems, …)
Air conditioning, heating systems,
Food and beverage
Automatic machines
Plants and mechanical equipment
Mechanical engineering, oil hydraulics, machine tools,
Clothing Interior furniture
Managing Directors;
Technical Managers;
Production Managers;
Administrative Managers;
Sales Managers;
Maintenance Managers;
Site managers;
Controllers, Marketing and Sales Managers;
Account Managers; Supervisors;
I.S. Managers;
Project Managers, Senior Designers (Mechanical, Electronic Engineers), Energy Manager
IT Technology ERP software,
Business Intelligence,
CAD, simulation software
Project Managers, Senior Programmers,
Services Commercial and distribution companies
Drug intermediate distribution
Short and long-term hiring
Non-profit organisations
Marketing and Sales Managers;
Account Managers;
I.S. Managers;
Project Managers

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